Sunday, April 1, 2012



  --On the way to get my pig!005

010 016 017

--All of the pigs there!

018 019 021

--Greg giving me some pointers in what to look for.



--The pig on the way home in Greg’s truck.


--The first attempt to making his pen! Haha!

037 041  048

--Charlie helping me out!

049 050

--I had to string electricity out there! SOMEHOW… I had to climb this fence and every foot or so tie the extension cord with twine! It was GREAT fun!


--The finished pen!:)


--Enjoying his new home!


--I was installing the electricity for his lamp.

--Well on Wednesday I am getting another pig! I am getting these pigs for 4-H. I usually do dairy and sheep, but I wanted to try something NEW!:) soo…..A PIG!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break!

This week has been crazy fun! As you can probably already tell from the pictures below. From play-dough and Crystal Hot Springs, to Aggie Ice cream, I am gonna miss the college life...



Okay so funny story behind our play-dough. We made the play-dough then got to pick any color we wanted for food coloring we wanted it wasn’t until about an hour later that I realized that our play-dough color that we chose matched our shirts! CRAZYY…right?


Today we went to her yoga class.  Everyone there was soooo serious haha it was almost criminal! Well on the other hand Kota and I couldn’t stop laughing. They did this weird breathe-in then stick your tongue out thing and we were laughing soo hard! haha. Then to make the day even better we got a scottman (hotdog shaped hamburger with cheese inside) and headed to The Quad to eat it.DSC02466


And finally to top off this wonderful day, we went to Crystal Hot Springs! :)

Also if you would like the check out a very funny video of Kode and I going to the mall you can see it here!

New blogger on the block!

I’m just sitting here eating a cookie with my sister and I decided to make a blog!  Hope ya’ll enjoy following me and my crazy life :)